Clinton and Rodham
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Anonymous: "OOOOHHH yes I love it! You should post more rare Hillary Photos! :)"

Be my guest. I used to post rare ones before but I got busy. Now you put me up to it, I’m gonna continue mah hobby :P

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Anonymous: "Could you post your top 3 most gorgeous and favorite photos of just Hillary? xx"

Hey anon. :-)

Oh gosh, what you’re asking is verryyyyyyyyyyyyyy difficult. It’s a Sophie’s choice for me…so many gorgeous Hillary photos to choose from. Waaaaaaaaaaah!

But anyway, I decided to pick these three:

I can just stare at this for hours. Oh the gorgeous eyes <3

I just love Hillary’s smile in this one. 

I am one of the probably few people who really liked Hillary when she goes without make-up. My aunt once ranted that Hillary lost her touch when she decided to go natural once on a diplomatic trip but personally, I love it. She looks so relaxed and comfortable. (And bonus: Meryl Streep’s in the photo.)

Hope you enjoy this pics, anon. If you want, I can post more rare Hillary photos for you. :-)

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Hillary Clinton in the Arena

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Moon Power, Change!

So different!

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Amy Poehler asked Hillary Clinton a question.

Leslie Knope just jumped into Pawnee River.

Uhmmm… Hillary did a live Q and A w/ Twitter questions (using the hashtag #AskHillary) and shown on YouTube. A number of influential women tweeted things to Hillary, including Melinda Gates.

Was an awesome question on Amy’s behalf, and a sincere / necessary one, as well.

Just trying to figure out why that qualifies as fan-girling?

Plus, Amy’s followers were then also aware of the Q and A, as well, if they had not been already.

I apologize for being ignorant. And a noob Amy Poehler fan.

Awww.  I apologize if I came off as harsh.  ;o(   I was just kind of wondering, but glad I could let you know the reason behind the tweet.  :o) 

Take care.  

Glad to clear the air. :)

And now, back to our regular programming of random WTF stuff.

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To all Amy Poehler fans….

I apologize for being a noob. Because I fangirled Meryl Streep Hillary Clinton waaaay before I started following Amy. So don’t bite my head off if I don’t follow Amy 24/7 (yet) and was ignorant of the things I should know of Amy, but doesn’t.

Also, I have a full-time job and grad school.

Is being a noob a sin?

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